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Dacro coating - the leader of the new era of corrosion resistance

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Dacro coating

Dacrol coating is an efficient anticorrosive coating. It adopts advanced hot dip plating technology to form a zinc-iron alloy coating with strong anticorrosive ability on the metal surface to protect the metal surface from corrosion. Let's take a closer look at Dacrol coating.

First, the principle of Dacrol coating

Dacros coating uses a hot dip plating technique, which impregnates the metal surface with a molten liquid containing zinc to form a uniform and dense coating of zinc-iron alloy, thus providing corrosion protection. This coating has strong corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, heat resistance and chemical resistance, which can effectively extend the service life of metal products.

Second, the characteristics of Dacro coating

Good corrosion resistance: Dacrol coating can protect metal surfaces from corrosion in different environments, and its corrosion resistance is much better than traditional anticorrosive coatings.

Strong wear resistance: Dacrol coating has extremely strong wear resistance and can protect metal surfaces from mechanical wear and friction.

Excellent heat resistance: Dacrol coating has good high temperature resistance and can maintain stable corrosion resistance in high temperature environment.

Good chemical resistance: Dacrol coating can maintain stable anti-corrosion performance in different chemical environments and is not easy to be damaged by chemicals.

Third, the advantages of Dacrol coating in practical application

Prolong the service life of metal products: Dacrol coating can effectively protect metal products from corrosion, thus extending their service life.

Improve product quality: Dacrol coating can protect the surface quality of metal products, improve product quality and reliability.

Reduce maintenance costs: Dacrol coating has long-term corrosion resistance, which can reduce maintenance and replacement costs and reduce production costs for enterprises.

Fourth, the application field of Dacrosol coating

Dacrol coating is widely used in automobile, electrical appliance, construction, aerospace, energy and other fields, especially suitable for Marine environment, high temperature environment and chemical environment of metal products corrosion prevention.

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