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Fastener coating line solution
   Introduction of Fastener Coating Line
In response to the requirements of the end users on the anti-corrosion coating process of the fasteners, standard parts, the full-automatic tiltable Dacromet coating equipment designed and manufactured by our company, is based on the use of a variety of chrome, non-chrome Dacromet coating (water agent and oil agent) on the surface of metal workpiece coating process, and can also be used for the surface coating, coloring or sealing processing of other non-zinc and aluminum coating parts.A full-automatic dipping and dumping machine consists of dipping tank (SUS304), drying machine (inclinable) , tank body, tank cover, coating liquid stirring device, coating liquid recovery device, coating liquid temperature adjustment system, workpiece rotary conveying system (lifting by cylinder), coating liquid stirring control system and material basket, trolley turning loading device, telescopic mesh belt conveyor, weighing system.

Full-automatic manipulator work, with high efficiency, high stability, high intelligence, modular design and installation, so that the process parameters with memory function and real-time monitoring,to achieve 360 ° workpiece without dead angle, no accumulation of liquid, 75 ° tilt (design according to the workpiece), 3′30″laying-off, super coating versatility, intelligent control, in addition, different workpieces corresponding to different procedures, one machine multi-purpose,different coating solution can be used according to different demand, the coating bucket and material frame can be replaced easily. The overall layout of the equipment is reasonable, beautiful, efficient and economical. The machine is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with national standards and specifications to ensure advanced, reliable and easy to use and maintain.
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