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Automotive brake disc coating line solution
   Introduction of automotive brake disc coating line
Automobile brake discs, fuel pipes, exhaust pipes and other large auto parts are important components in automobile manufacturing. The market size is very large, especially for brake discs (there are nearly 4000 varieties with various sizes and specifications), and because they are key system components to ensure the safety performance of automobile brakes, their surface anti-corrosion treatment process is particularly important. At present, the surface treatment requirements of brake discs in the market are different, and the scale and variety of products vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, coupled with the maturity of the coating process and environmental protection, resulting in a series of problems such as inconvenient operation, low efficiency and high cost.Therefore, the market needs a mature, reliable, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and easy-to-operate surface treatment technology and equipment.
Our Dacromet coating line for brake discs adopts intelligent design, with high efficiency, high stability and high safety, uniform coating, good leveling, The coated brake disc and exhaust pipe have better anti-corrosion performance, better adhesion and higher hardness.
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    East China a large - scale well-known brake disc enterprise brake disc production line
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