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Large parts dipping and spraying integrated 
coating line solutions
   Introduction of large parts dipping and spraying integrated coating line
Because the size of the workpiece is relatively large, the traditional standard parts coating production line can no longer meet customer needs, our company specially developed and designed to manufacture a large parts dipping and spraying integrated production line, using a mesh belt suspension curing oven, a full-automatic head and spray booth, the use range is wide and suitable for each large metal parts.

Operation process

  1. Loading: dip coating workpiece automatically loading, spraying workpiece using manual loading;
  2. Coating: dip coating and spraying run at the same time,automatic spraying, equipped with manual paint room;
  3. Leveling: workpiece in the mesh belt / suspension chain natural leveling;
  4. High temperature curing: workpiece curing through 320 degrees Celsius for 30 ~ 40 minutes;
  5. Cooling: air-cooling;
  6. Unloading : automatic / manual unloading.
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