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LS600 Dacromet coating water curtain type spray room

Scope of application: medium and large workpieces, special-shaped parts, samples and other processes that require Dacromet coating, zinc and aluminum coating, alloy coating, and sealing coating spraying after electroplating.
  • LS600

Product introduction

LS600 series Dacromet coating water curtain spray room consists of chamber, water tank stainless steel water curtain plate, water circulation system, air extraction and filtration system, etc. It can effectively prevent waste coating liquid from polluting the environment by discharging while completing workpiece spraying normally. Water curtain plate structure design is advanced and reasonable to ensure the indoor airflow speed, improve the coating liquid rate and residual coating liquid capture rate, and make the water curtain layer uniform, continuous, reliable, no interruption with no splash.

Product advantages

Energy saving and environmental protection without pollution, uniform coating, continuous, reliable, no interruption with no splash, no dead angle coating, no accumulation of liquid, thus achieving high efficiency and high stability.

Technical parameters

Operaiton position2
Chiller power2.2KW
Fan quantity2
Spray machine load-bearing50kg
Fan air volume8500m³/h
Overall dimensions3500x1800x2200mm(customized)

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