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XS240 series box-type curing oven

Industry applications: Dacromet coating, zinc and aluminum coating, alloy coating, sealed coating after plating. Application in the curing treatment heating, curing and drying production process of small batch parts, not-standard special-shaped parts in automotive, aviation, bridge and other industries.
  • XS240

Product introduction

Shisheng Group specializes in the production of various surface coating curing ovens, which are developed by the excellent R&D team in cooperation with the excellent surface anti-corrosion treatment research institutions, with excellent heat preservation process and heat energy control design innovation. Perfect oven temperature curve and uniform distribution, effectively improve production capacity, save costs, and make the equipment more environmentally friendly and energy-saving. And in order to meet the fast growing trend of Dacromet industry, through the professional team and equipment of Shisheng Group, as well as the excellent workpiece curing system solution and excellent service, we can escort your products.

Product advantages

–  Intelligent operation
–  Large adjustable temperature range for curing  
–  Simultaneous air supply from four sides
–  Uniform heating, suitable for a variety of materials
–  Precise temperature control
–  Excellent performance
–  High efficiency and energy saving

Technological procedure

Loading into furnace→Start hot air circulation fan→Heat up to120℃-350℃→Keep warm for 10-40min→Cooling workpiece→Unloading from furnace

XS240 series box-type curing oven Technological procedure

SMT Tempreture Analysis Profile

Technical parameters

Adjusting range 120~350℃
Fan power 4KW
Heating power 55KW
Inside dimension 1550x1550x1850mm(customized)
Overall dimensions 2100x1850x2400mm(customized)

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