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MX3150 Dacromet top coating solution (black)

MX3150 Dacromet top coating solution can be used to treat Dacromet-coated parts by dipping and dumping or spraying, and the treated parts have a uniform surface with no blind spots.
  • MX3150

Product overview

For the post-maintenance of Dacromet coating (zinc and aluminum coating), we have developed MX3150 Dacromet top coating(water-based/oil-based) . This product is made of nanoalloy powder, toughening agent, film-forming agent, organic solvent and color paste as the main base material, mixed with other additives. To a certain extent, it can not only improve the anti-corrosion performance of the whole coating, and promote the salt spray time to more than 1200 hours, but also increase the hardness of the surface and the leveling of the appearance, and the surface color can be diversified.

Performance characteristics

This product can be used to treat Dacromet-coated parts by dipping and dumping or spraying, and the treated parts have a uniform surface with no blind spots. The rust resistance of the treated parts will exceed that of the workpiece without top coating and galvanization by tens of times, and the salt spray time is increased to more than 1200 hours. It also has excellent heat and corrosion resistance, etc. Its surface is smooth, hard and scratch resistant, and the color can be adjusted to match the demand.

Market Application Scope

This product is suitable for the long-term rust protection of various metal parts with Dacromet coating. Such as automobiles, railroads, aviation, bridges, construction, household appliances, electrical communication fasteners and so on. It can meet the coating requirements of fasteners, brake discs, stamping parts, standard parts, etc. used in various industries.

Technical parameters







Specific Gravity

0.9-1.2g/ml(50ml gravity cup)


Coating viscosity

25-45s(ZHAN 2#cup)





Processing time

1~2 min

Notes: The above parameters are working fluid indicators.

Construction method and precautions

This product can be applied by spraying, dipping and other construction methods.

It should be fully stirred before use, and special diluent should be used to adjust the viscosity.

Centrifugal procedures need to be added to the dip coating process.

To use alcohols or ether organic solvents to clean the apparatus.


1、The specific construction and maintenance methods of tank liquid adjustment can be guided by our technical engineers on site.
2、For safety and health protection, please refer to the manual issued by our company.

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