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MS800 Automatic Tiltable Dip Spin Coating Machine

MS800 automatic tiltable automatic coating machine works with a full- automatic manipulator, with high efficiency, high stability, high intelligence, modular design and installation, so that the process parameters have a memory function and real-time monitoring. Its design and manufacture is based on the use of various coating for metal surface treatment coating.
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Product introduction

ms800 automatic tiltable automatic coating machine works with a full- automatic manipulator, with high efficiency, high stability, high intelligence, modular design and installation, so that the process parameters have a memory function and real-time monitoring. Its design and manufacture is based on the use of various dacromet coating for metal surface treatment coating , and can also be used for surface coating、coloring or sealing processing of surface treatment of other dacromet coating or non-dacromet coating parts.It is a metal coating equipment for metal parts.This coating equipment with 75°tilt (PS: the angle can be designed according to the workpiece) function, some deep holes, blind holes, slit types of workpiece can be well coated,which can also prevent residual liquid in blind holes and the thread of the workpiece. Moreover, the corrosion resistance and heat resistance of the coating are superior to those of galvanized and hot dip galvanized , and no toxic and harmful waste water, waste gas, and waste liquid will be discharged during the production process , no pollution to the environment, which is difficult for galvanized. It is a coating machine that can replace the galvanizing process to achieve green and pollution-free.


MS800 tiltable automatic coating machine can loading and unloading manually, and can also choose different programs according to different workpieces. One machine, multi-purpose. And different coatings can be used according to different needs.


Our coating machine is full-automatic, with                                                                         Suitable for water-based and solvent-based 

        functions such as automatic loading and                                                                                coating solutions, such as: Dacromet coating  



Features of MS800 Tiltable Automatic Dip Spin Coating Machine:

  1. Rationalized design: planetary arrangement of the basket, interchangeable workpiece positions, effective removal of residual coating fluid on the workpiece, no damage to the workpiece, and a high pass rate.

  2. Intelligent control: one-button intelligent start, transmission speed adjustable by frequency conversion, automatic coating equipment), automatic loading and unloading, automatic weighing , high degree of automation, ensuring smooth operation of the whole process. The whole process is controllable, effectively reducing production costs.

  3. Diversified colors: paint tank can be replaced according to corresponding paint color  to achieve the color diversification of the workpiece.

  4. Real-time monitoring: full-process monitoring, timely detection and feedback, to meet customer curing process requirements.

  5. Intelligent feeding system: each basket is connected, the workpiece is evenly distributed, and accumulation is avoided.

  6. Optional function: Robot feeding is optional.

  7. Customized service: Coating machine can be customized according to customer needs.

  8. Full service: Shisheng Group provides complete services from research and development, design, manufacturing, installation and after-sales.

Working Capability:

Workpiece range: Standard parts、stamping parts、customer specified parts.

Beat time: 3′30″/basket (adjustable)

Loading capacity: 120kg/basket

Production capacity (theory): 2 tons/h (one coating and one drying)

Product quality requirements: two-coating and two-baking or three-coating and three-baking Dacromet, coating thickness 8~12μm

MS800 Tiltable Automatic Dip Spin Coating Machine can be applied to:

  • Fastener

  • Nuts and bolts

  • Sheet metal parts

  • Nails and screws

  • Stamping parts

  • Spring

  • Chain

  • Gasket

  • Casting

  • Standard parts

  • Wind power bolts

  • Steel parts

  • Fixtures and other metal parts that need anti-corrosion coating process.

Work Process:

Dacromet coating usually needs to complete the following process through dip spin coating equipment:


Main Body of MS800 Tiltable Automatic Coating Machine:

  • Coating Machine System

  • Centrifugal Coating System

  • Spin Dry Tilting System

  • Drying/Curing Oven System

  • Automatic Weighing System

  • Automatic Loading and Unloading System

  • Workpiece Rotation Conveying Distribution System

  • Coating Solution Temperature Adjustment System

  • Coating Solution Recovery Device

  • Operational Control System

MS800 Tiltable Automatic Coating Machine

Technical parameters / model number

Basket size

Standard Edition

Basket qty

1 pcs

Basket size


Maximum lifting weight of dip coating system


Maximum loading capacity of workpiece basket


Rated loading capacity


Workpiece diameter


Workpiece length


Tilting angle of centrifugal institutions

0-75°(Design according to workpiece)

Chiller power


Total power


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