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How to choose Dacromet coating equipment?

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Shisheng Machinery Dacromet coating machine solution is designed based on Laspaite Hot Show Bao Coating Process . It can meet all kinds of chrome and non-chrome Dacromet coating solution (water-based and oil-based) , also can be used for other surface coating of non-zinc and aluminum parts , coloring or sealing processing. The automatic tilting and dumping all-in-one machine is divided into several parts, including automatic weighing and loading table, dip coating machine, tiltable centrifuge, tilting and dumping mechanism, traveling crane conveying system, and industrial chiller.

When selecting Dacromet coating equipment, the main focus is on the components used and the insulation process and thermal control design of the curing oven. Imported core components not only bring high quality product performance, but also solve energy consumption, reduce production costs, reduce the frequency of rework, and achieve efficiency and cost reduction.

Advanced intelligent design, truly automatic and unmanned, can make special-shaped parts, internal hexagon, spring, chain and other workpieces can be coated evenly, so that there is no dead angle and no accumulation of liquid, thus achieving high efficiency and high stability, greatly reducing labor and avoiding human errors.

The overall layout of the equipment is reasonable, beautiful in appearance, efficient and economical and practical. It is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with national standards and specifications to ensure advanced, reliable and easy-to-use maintenance of the equipment.

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