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How to choose Zinc Flake Coating Machine?

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The following aspects need to be considered when choosing  zinc flake coating production line:

Production efficiency: Choosing a line with high production efficiency can reduce production time and cost.

Coating quality: Zinc flake coating has high corrosion resistance and wear resistance, so it is very important to choose a production line that can produce high-quality coatings.

Automation level: A production line with  high automation level can reduce manual operation errors and improve production efficiency and product quality.

Equipment reliability: Choosing reliable equipment can reduce down time and maintenance costs.

Equipment flexibility: Choose a flexible production line can meet different production needs and product changes.

Equipment safety: Choosing a safe production line can protect the personal safety of workers and the property safety of the production environment. When choosing a Zinc flake coating production line, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the above aspects in order to choose the production line that best suits your production needs and production capacity.

The Zinc flake coating machine scheme of Shisheng Group is based on the coating process of RUSPERT and Rexiubao。It can meet the requirements of various chromium and chrome-free Zinc flake coatings (water-based and oil-based), and can also be used for surface coating, coloring or sealing processing of other non-zinc-aluminum coatings. The full- automatic tilting dip-spin coating machine is divided into several parts, including a full-automatic weighing and loading table, a dip coating machine, a tilting centrifuge, a turning and unloading mechanism, a driving conveying system, and an industrial chiller.

Wen choosing Zinc flake coating equipment, it mainly depends on the components used and heat preservation process and heat control design of  curing furnace. Imported core components can not only bring high-quality product performance, but also solve energy consumption, reduce production costs, reduce repair frequency, and achieve efficiency and cost reduction.

Advanced intelligent design, true automation and unmanned, can make special-shaped parts, inner hexagons, springs, chains and other workpieces can be evenly coated, so that there is no dead angle and no liquid accumulation, so as to achieve high efficiency and high stability. Greatly reduce labor and avoid human errors.

The overall layout of the equipment is reasonable, beautiful in appearance, efficient, economical and practical. Design and manufacture in strict accordance with national standards and specifications to ensure equipment advancement, reliability and ease of use and maintenance.

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