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What is environmentally friendly Dacromet coating?

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Dacromet treatment is a new surface treatment technology, compared with the plating process, Dacromet coating is a "green coating". Its main component is zinc and aluminum coating, which is a paint coating, good corrosion resistance, thin coating, high temperature resistance, no high requirements for the shape of the substrate, and no hydrogen embrittlement, good bonding force.

However, the currently applied Dacromet coating contains chromium ions that are harmful to the environment and living organisms, which cannot meet the requirements of environmental protection in today's world. Therefore, in order to further meet the requirements of environmental protection, Shisheng Machinery adopts the environmentally friendly chrome-free Dacromet water-soluble solution in the process of research and development, which is completely soluble in water, so it is easy to handle, convenient to operate, and does not use chromium in the process of processing and handling the coating, which is a surface treatment technology that is harmless to the natural and operating environment.

Environmentally friendly chrome-free Dacromet coating is a high and new technology in today's world surface treatment instead of galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing, etc. for surface corrosion protection, and it is a real environmentally friendly product of alternative type in the surface coating treatment industry. It is a new chrome-free coating product developed in line with today's market, which meets the standards of the German Automotive Industry Association and can meet the coating requirements of major brands of fasteners, standard parts, stamping parts, shaped parts and other metal workpieces, and not only has a good effect. It does not need electroplating layer priming, but can be coated directly on the substrate to achieve the effect, with outstanding excellent salt spray corrosion resistance and weather resistance, after coating the film metal gloss strong covering power high coating film delicate and smooth. Our company adopts excellent technical formula and foreign high-quality raw materials to develop and produce the coating solution, which is an inorganic water-based product composed of zinc and aluminum, and does not contain chromium, mercury, lead, cadmium and other harmful heavy metals. Because of its green, environmental protection and environment-friendly characteristics, it meets the EU RoHS and REACH standards and is rapidly gaining popularity internationally.

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