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Which is better, plating or Dacromet?

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Compared with some traditional galvanizing process, Dacromet has more advantages. For example, after using Dacromet process, the anti-corrosion performance of the products is dozens of times that of traditional galvanizing, and it is found that ordinary Dacromet can reach 20 times that of galvanizing after salt spray test, and those long-lasting Dacromet will be tested for a longer time, and some parts in the nuclear industry can have a service life of 30 years when using Dacromet process.

Dacromet does not crack, or fracture after being subjected to tension and stress, as other plating processes do. Dacromet has very good stability in high temperature environment, which is much higher than the traditional galvanized high temperature resistance. The Dacromet process has very good impact resistance, so the Dacromet process is very suitable for those parts that are under stress because of the good penetration of Dacromet, which can combine the surface coating with the product well.

Unlike some traditional plating processes, Dacromet is less polluting in the production process, so some of the highly polluting surface treatment processes are gradually being replaced by Dacromet. Although Dacromet has many advantages, it also has some shortcomings. Some Dacromet contain hexavalent chromium ions, which are harmful to the body, and will cause harm to the human body after long-term contact, and the risk of cancer, according to the relevant product standards are not allowed to contain this harmful substance.

The surface color of Dacromet process is only silver and white, which is relatively single, so if other colors are needed, it must be post-treated again to obtain different colors. The poor electrical conductivity of Dacromet coating, as well as the long production process and high energy consumption, also limit its use.

So what is the Dacromet surface treatment process, what is the difference between this surface treatment process and other metal surface treatment process, what is the special role?

The name Dacromet is the transliteration of the English DACROMET, also known as Dacromet or Dacron, it is a new type of metal surface corrosion protection coating that uses aluminum, zinc and chromic acid as the main coating materials.

The substrate materials used in Dacromet are mainly steel and non-ferrous metals. After the reaction between the coating solution and the metal substrate, a silvery gray anti-corrosion film will be formed on its surface, which can isolate the substrate from the air and play a role in protecting the workpiece.

Dacromet is widely used in various industries, such as construction, small hardware, fasteners, road engineering and petrochemical industry, etc.. Dacromet has a very strong anti-corrosion properties, to make up for the short time of the traditional anti-corrosion defects, and pushes the anti-corrosion technology to a new level.

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