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MX7320 environmentally friendly chrome-free Dacromet coating solution

Because of its green, environmental protection and environment-friendly features, it complies with EU RoHS and REACH standards and is rapidly gaining popularity internationally.
  • MX7320

Product overview

MX7320 environmentally friendly chrome-free Dacromet coating solution, environmentally friendly chrome-free coating solution is is a high technology of surface anti-corrosion, instead of galvanizing, hot dip galvanizing, etc. It is a real environmental product of alternative type in the surface coating treatment industry, It is a new developed chrome-free coating product in line with today's market, can meet the coating requirements of major brands of automobile brake disc, has good effect . It can be directly coated on the substrate to achieve the effect ,doesn’t need electroplating coating layer priming. with outstanding excellent salt spray corrosion resistance and weather resistance, strong metallic luster of coating film after coating, high covering power, coating film delicate and smooth. Our company adopts excellent technical formula and foreign high-quality raw materials to develop and produce our own coating liquid, which is an inorganic water-based product composed of zinc and aluminum and does not contain chromium, mercury, lead, cadmium and other harmful heavy metals. Because of its green, environmental protection and environment-friendly features, it complies with EU RoHS and REACH standards and is rapidly gaining popularity internationally.

Performance characteristics

Shisheng Dacromet coating solution (water-based chrome-free zinc-aluminum coating solution) and Dacromet coating process, suitable for the metal parts, such as fasteners, springs, stamping parts, brake discs, etc  and has the following advantages:

★Green environmental protection Shi Sheng adopts the environmentally friendly chrome-free original coating solution, to  achieve the requirements of green environmental protection.

★Good adhesion Adhesion up to 0~1 level, the coating is not easy to fall off, and the anti-corrosion ability is stronger.

★Good surface hardness  Friction coefficient 0.08~0.145μtot (in line with Germany automotive industry standards), strong scratch resistance,  it’s not easy to get injured and damaged during the storage and transportation .

★Good salt spray resistance High anti-corrosion, the highest salt spray time can reach more than 280 hours.

★Good suspension  The coating liquid is uniform and not easy to precipitate because of good suspension, and the tank liquid use cycle is 1~2 months, which is more convenient for those customers who have insufficient capacity or intermittent processing.                  

★Good dispersibility  Due to good dispersion, the surface is uniform and particle-free after surface coating.★Good leveling  Good leveling , more uniform surface, not easy to produce flow hanging and orange peel.

★Non-hydrogen embrittlement There is no big difference between the material treated with Shisheng Dacromet coating and the raw material, and there is no need to worry about the phenomenon of hydrogen embrittlement fracture of the materials after treatment.

Main technical specifications





Silver white


coating thickness



N.W (kg)



Specific Gravity

1.25 - 1.35





PH value




18-90 sec   20°ZHAN 2#cup ( adjusted according to the process)


Reservation temperature


Notes: The above parameters are working fluid indicators


1、The specific construction and maintenance methods of tank liquid adjustment can be guided by our technical engineers on site.
2、For safety and health protection, please refer to the manual issued by our company.

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