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What is the curing temperature of Dacromet coating?

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The curing of Dacromet coating is divided into three stages:

Stage 1: pre-baking stage

The base temperature is about 100°C, mainly to exclude and evaporate the moisture on the workpiece, also known as the drying stage.

Stage 2:  High temperature curing stage

The temperature is around 300°C to 350°C. The main purpose is to cure the coating solution on the workpiece by high temperature sintering.

Stage 3: Cooling

Generally, it should be about 10°C higher than the room temperature for cooling. After cooling, the workpiece can be unloaded and packed.

Dacromet coating curing temperature is generally 300 ℃ - 350 ℃. The temperature difference between the outer wall of the furnace and the workshop is less than 10 ℃. Compared Dacromet coating with galvanizing: for traditional galvanized layer, small cracks appear at the conditions above 70℃, discoloration occurs at 200℃ ~ 300℃, and corrosion resistance is greatly reduced. Dacromet coating anti-corrosive film curing temperature is 300℃, so Dacromet coated metal surface at high temperatures for a long time, its appearance remains unchanged, heat and corrosion resistance is relatively good.

Note: Dacromet coating curing temperature is related to the material, generally will not exceed 350 ℃ (PS: special materials need higher temperature). Need to consult Dacromet equipment or coating supplier!

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