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Dacromet surface treatment

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Dacromet surface coating technology is currently the world's latest technology process for metal surface coating. With a new process of coating the metal surface with a special hybrid coating, it can replace all the pre-treatment processes of the traditional process, and the level of metal protection reaches international standards. It can be called the high efficiency completely closed green environmental protection treatment project.

Dacromet is the abbreviation and transliteration of DACROMET, also known as Dacrotizing,Dacroman, Dacroman, Dicron, zinc-chromium film. Dacromet technology is a proprietary control technology invented by the Americans and bought out by the Japanese, and now introduced by China. The whole set of process equipment adopts the coating method of closed circuit in the whole process, which revolutionizes the plating process and eliminates the pollution problems such as acid, alkali, zinc, chromium and the emission of sewage and exhaust gas produced in the plating process. Dacromet is a process of degreasing--shot blasting-- coating-- curing-- cooling-- finished product. so that the surface of the workpiece to form a sheet of zinc powder, aluminum powder and metal chromium salt composed of silver gray anti-corrosion coating. Dacromet film, in the forming process of metal surface, the volatile material is almost all the water through the gasification,and no pollution, has been widely used in industrial developed countries, is gradually replacing the serious pollution of electroplating zinc, chromium, hot dip galvanizing, hot spray zinc, mechanical galvanizing, zinc-based alloy coating, oxidation, phosphating and other traditional surface treatment processes,fundamentally reduce the occurrence of environmental pollution, and has the advantages and characteristics incomparable to other surface treatments.

The rust prevention mechanism of Dacromet coating:

Dacromet is a new rust prevention system for metals. The rust prevention mechanism of this coating is mainly: the controlled electrochemical protection of zinc to the substrate, the passivation of chromic acid, the mechanical shielding protection of zinc sheet aluminum sheet and the composite chromium salt coating, and the "exfoliation" effect of aluminum on zinc.

Structure of Dacromet coating:

On the surface of iron-based metal, a layer of Dacromet coating solution ( i.e. a highly dispersible mixed aqueous solution containing flakes of zinc, aluminum, scales of general size 0.1-0.2x10x15 microns, Cr203 and special organic substances),is applied and baked for a certain period of time at about 300 degrees Celsius, the hexavalent chromium in the Dacromet coating solution is reduced to trivalent chromium, resulting in an amorphous complex chromium salt compound (nCrO3 .mCr2O3).

After the introduction of Dacromet technology into China, it has received strong support from our government and was listed as a national key practical technology promotion project for environmental protection in 1999 (Document No. [1999] 185, Project No. 99B030). At present, there are more than 60 units engaged in the production of Dacromet coating in China, 60% of the production lines are distributed in Shanghai and Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Now, from Dacromet coating equipment to the process, coating liquid, and the production formula of Dacromet coating liquid, you can find vendors in the market.

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